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Billboards Benefitting Heroes

Halo Billboards allows you to discover exclusive offers from top brands and donates to veterans for each billboard view .

Popular Offers Near You

View offers by you that support a cause.

Who Is Halo?

We're an unlikely billboard network, in which Boardees, or real life people display circular billboards advertising on behalf of brands supporting social causes within the Halo Marketplace.

Each view, click, request for more information or purchase results in Halo donating a % of generated advertising revenue to those in need.

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I've Seen A Halo Billboard, Now What?

1) Spot a Halo Billboard

2) Enter the red code featured on the billboard.

3) Unlock rewards and browse offers from your favorite businesses.

How It Works


See where we are and where we're coming.


Jeep Advertising Billboards

Get Paid While Fundraising For Vets

If you drive a Jeep Wrangler, RV or other car with a rear spare tire, Halo wants to pay you for advertising and fundraising with us.

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